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Sanction is a set of “Universal Rules for Challenge-driven Games,” a collection of coherent game mechanics for one-off or serialised roleplaying. Sanction is stripped down, flexible, and intended to be hacked to suit your needs. Sanction isn’t about covering every outcome from the outset but providing you with the mechanics, tools, and guidance to introduce rules when needed.

Community Content Creation

This licence allows anyone to make Genre Setups, adventures, adversaries, or hacks for Sanction, whether to sell or publish for free.


If you keep to these rules, you can publish free or commercial material based upon or declaring compatibility with Sanction without express permission from Paul Baldowski, Just Crunch Games or All Rolled Up. Without explicit permission, you may not:

  • Copy or translate the art or text of Sanction Core Rules or official Genre Setups and adventures;
  • Use the Sanction, Just Crunch Games or All Rolled Up logos;
  • State or imply that your work is an official Sanction product or that Paul Baldowski or All Rolled Up endorse it

You may:

  • Use and reference the game rules and mechanics;
  • Reference any adversaries mentioned in the Sanction Core Rules


The following text must be included both in the product and on any site or storefront through which you make it available to purchase or download. Adjust the bracketed text accordingly.

  • [Product name] is an independent production by [Author or Publisher] and is not affiliated with Paul Baldowski, Just Crunch Games, or All Rolled Up. [Product name] is published under the Sanction Community Created Content License.

Also include the following text in the product and the site or storefront.

  • Sanction is copyright 2024 by Paul Baldowski.

Neither Paul Baldowski nor All Rolled Up takes responsibility for any legal claims against your product.

Compatibility Logo

You are encouraged (but are not required) to use the “Wrought by Sanction” logo in your product and on the website or storefront where you promote the product. Click the links to download the white and black versions of the transparent PNG logo.

Prohibited Content

Products that infringe on the intellectual property of others;

Neither your product nor any promotional material may contain sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, discriminatory, or other repugnant or hateful content and tropes


You must have permission to use any artwork included in your product;

Any art used with a licence should include an appropriate note or credit to that effect.

What Does This Mean?

Best analogy might be the human form. Sanction is the skeleton, and Genre Setups are the flesh. The Agency is a prime example. It describes new Resources, for example, but it doesn't change how Challenges are handled or Resources are calculated. Characters are generated a certain way, but most often Genre Setup only sets the lifepath tables.

Sanction core is sacrosanct—Adventures and Genre Setups provide new colour and shape, but they don't repeat what's already a given.

Current Releases

Sanction is all about hacking and taking your game to a new creative space. This is a showcase of the current releases of core material, genre setups and adventures for you to play or use as inspiration for your own challenge-driven world.

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